Civil Service

Maghull Prison Development

We were commissioned by Capita Symonds to provide specialist advice during this large development in Merseyside.

Work involved extensive bat surveys, production of mitigation plans, bat building designs and supervision of building demolition.

Over a period of months, we oversaw:

  • The removal of old hospital buildings
  • The installation of a bat loft
  • Placement of grilles on an above-ground grotto
  • Installation of many bat boxes.


Ecology Services UK Ltd has acted as a professional ecological adviser to Lancashire Police since 2004.

Our work with the police includes:

  • Assisting with wildlife crime investigations
  • Advising on protected species issues on the police estate, including bats and great crested newts
  • Undertaking surveys for bats, great crested newts, water voles and badgers

We also work closely with the Wildlife Crime Officer for West Yorkshire Police